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Sunnyside Booking Form

Please fill out the below form to be considered for hire at the Sunnyside Theatre.  If you have completed this form before and have not changed your performance information, please email us the date you want to book.  First, reference our booking calendar availability at 


The Sunnyside Payment Terms & Conditions

20% of Bar Sales or Guarantee option: 

 We offer 20% of bar sales during your hours performed that day or the outlined guarantee amounts by day of week listed below.  Whatever amount is greater is what you will be paid at the end of your performance.

Guaranteed Amounts by Day of Week:




The Artist rental option: 

Artists who choose to pay a flat rate for the venue must still allow the public access to the event.  All amenities below are included except comped drinks.  Ticket price &  dates are more open to the artists discretion with this rental. We do require 50% down on the rental fee but, all ticket sales go to artist.


Monday - Wednesday Hourly Rate - $75/hour (4 hour minimum rental required)

Thursday - Sunday Hourly Rate - $150/hour (4 hour minimum rental required)

The Artist 50/50 split option: 

 If artists choose to do a 50/50 split of ticket sales based off the general admission ticket price, the day, time and ticket price are agreed upon prior to booking.  All amenities below are included.   This option is available Monday through Sunday. We are moving away from ticketed events except for pre-discussed shows approved by the Theatre.

If a W-9 is not provided options 1 & 3 rates are as follows:

Option 1:  We will offer only a flat rate 40% lower than the outlined daily rates listed above for that day of week.

Option 3:  A 25% Artist / 75% Theatre split of ticket sales based off general admission price per person.  

These options are revised to offset the inability to declare your performance as a tax deduction.  We urge all artists to provide a W-9 to ensure we can pay you fairly. 



Artist Rental Amenities included all above options


Projector - Eiki ek-308u projector ceiling mounted 120" screen 


Wireless Microphone - 4 Shure wireless microphones are available 


Stage Lighting  - 16 Chauvet DJ SlimPAR 64 RGBA, 6 Chauvet DJ COLORstrip Mini 19" RGB LED Bar, 8 Chauvet DJ COLORstrip Mini 38" RGB LED Bar, 4 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 360 100W LED Moving-head Spot 


Sound System - 2 FOH Yamaha DSR112's, 1 QSC KS212C cardioid 3600w subwoofer, QSC KS118 3600W 18 inch Powered Subwoofer, 3 Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT 1000W 12-inch Powered Speaker/monitors, Soundcraft Ui24R 24-Channel Digital Mixer, 2 Wireless iPads for mixing console, In ear monitors availabe upon request (does not include headphones)


Haze Machine - Chauvet DJ Hurricane Haze 4D DMX Haze Machine (4,300 CFM) 

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Payment Terms & Conditions
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