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SunnySide Theatre

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Whether you are looking for a venue to host your wedding, reception, or other special event, The SunnySide Theatre offers different options to suit your needs.  We enjoy working with our clients to make their day unforgettable, and have a knack for making dreams come true.  Please contact us via the form below for inquiries about events and pricing.


A unique, beautiful venue sure to create lasting memories of your special day. 


The swankiest place around to throw your afterparty is

The SunnySide Theatre!

Weddings &


Whatever the occasion, we are sure to be able to provide the space and amenities to make your party standout like 

no other.

Private Parties


Consider hosting your next office event or seminar at The SunnySide Theatre!  Equipped with all of your audio visual needs, we are prepared to enhance your event and bring it to the next level.

Seminars &
Corporate Events


We live for the arts, so don't hesitate to discuss how we can bring your live performances to life.   No matter what the art  (music, comedy, dance, magic, aerial silks and more) our team is happy to collaborate with you to create a one of a kind experience!


About Us

The Legendary

SunnySide Theatre

   The SunnySide Theatre is a place for legends to be born, stories to unfold, and for curiosity to lead to creation.  Husband and wife team, Daniel and Lu Thomas, dreamt of a home for artists of all ages and abilities within their community for years.  Now, their dreams have finally come to fruition in 2021, with the opening of the beautiful SunnySide Theatre in Downtown Roseburg.  The establishment hopes to release art and culture into the community like a breath of fresh air, and promises to be the place where creative dreams can become tangible realities.  

   A single soul can ignite a change, but a community of artists can become trailblazers together.  The SunnySide invites creative minds, bodies, and souls to join the journey of a lifetime; to leave memories and treasures for the next generation of artists to learn from, experience, and become inspired by.  Join us as we pay homage to the innovations of yesteryear, create groundbreaking projects, and leave a legacy of nostalgia to future generations.

   Lined with instruments that have been repurposed into furniture and decor- some nearly 200 years old- The SunnySide is a historical sight to see.  As one of the oldest buildings in Downtown Roseburg, 663 SE Jackson Street has a rich history.  Currently adorned with warm, cozy lighting made of saxophones and string lights amongst the newly built mezzanine, The SunnySide's atmosphere makes you feel at home among the eclectic and unique art displayed.  Whether it's a concert, wedding, reception, family dinner, or open mic, you know you will leave with memories that will last a lifetime. 


   Built for the community by local artists, family, and the kindest of friends, The SunnySide Theatre is a culmination of dreams once thought to be impossible to those that even dared to think them. 

And, what do you call the feeling of sharing the time of your life with the ones you love, in a simply impossibly possible place? 

Well, magic, of course.   

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